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Now that the euro has recovered, the region’s fight against inflation has received a major boost. In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing energy crisis, the euro has largely recovered its losses versus the US dollar.

The euro come back against The usd


In recent months, the euro has made a strong return versus the US dollar. The euro has since recovered and is currently trading at about $1.09 versus the dollar after hitting a 20-year low against it in March 2022.

The euro’s resurgence is the result of numerous causes. The strengthening of the European economy is one of the causes. The eurozone economy is projected to expand by 2.8% in 2022, and the European Central Bank (ECB) has recently increased interest rates twice.

The US dollar’s decline is another factor. The Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate increases and the ongoing trade war with China are two reasons why the US currency has been under pressure.

The resurgence of the euro is positive for European firms and consumers. A stronger euro also makes it less expensive for European firms to import goods and services from the US and simpler for European customers to visit the US.

The resurgence of the euro may, however, also have certain unfavourable effects. For instance, a stronger euro may make it harder for European exporters to compete on the international market.

The revival of the euro is generally a good thing for the European economy. Nevertheless, it’s critical to keep a close eye on the situation and be aware of any inherent hazards.

Here are some additional factors that could impact the euro-dollar exchange rate in the coming months:

  • The pace of economic growth in the United States and the eurozone.
  • The direction of interest rates in the United States and the eurozone.
  • The outcome of the war in Ukraine.
  • The global trade environment.

The euro has made an amazing return versus the US dollar (USD) in recent months, prompting concerns about the fundamental causes of this upward trend. As market experts, we will examine the main factors impacting the euro’s revival and consider the possible causes of its improving position relative to the USD.

Enhancing the Economic Recovery:

Enhancing the Economic Recovery
  • The resurgence of the euro is largely due to the Eurozone’s expanding economic prospects. A number of measures, including GDP growth, employment rates, and consumer mood, have been pointing in the right direction as the Eurozone countries make progress in overcoming the obstacles posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to its robustness, the euro has gained support and attracted investors looking for business opportunities in the area, increasing demand for the currency.

Differential monetary policy:

Monetary Policy
  • The difference in monetary policies between the European Central Bank (ECB) and the US Federal Reserve (Fed) has been a significant contributor to the euro’s success. The ECB has started to make hints at a gradual tightening of its monetary policy, while the Fed has maintained an accommodative approach, signalling low interest rates and ongoing asset purchases. Investors looking for higher yields and looking to profit from prospective interest rate differentials have been drawn to the euro by this disparity, which has led to the currency’s gain.

Political stability and reforms to public policy:

Governmant Policys
  • The Eurozone’s political stability has contributed to the euro’s recovery. Concerns about future disruptions and uncertainties have decreased as a result of recent elections and political developments that have offered a sense of confidence. Furthermore, a number of Eurozone nations have carried out structural reforms with the intention of boosting competitiveness and enhancing fiscal health, which has increased investor confidence in the area and the euro as a result.

Geopolitical factors and international trade:

International trade
  • The comeback of the euro can also be linked to geopolitical factors and broader global trade dynamics. Being a significant participant in international trade, the Eurozone gains from increased export opportunities as trade tensions around the world subside and the world economy grows. Geopolitical variables can also affect investor mood and capital flows, potentially favouring the euro versus the USD. These considerations include changes in global leadership and international alliances.


A number of reasons contributed to the euro’s recovery against the USD. The euro is getting stronger as a result of the improving economic recovery, divergent monetary policies, political stability, policy reforms, and dynamics in world trade. It is crucial to keep a close eye on these variables and their potential effects on the direction of the currency as market conditions change. Despite the inherent uncertainty of the future, investors and other market participants may manage the changing environment of the euro-USD exchange rate and make wise judgements if they are aware of the underlying dynamics.

Question: Is the euro going up or down against the US dollar?
Euro to US Dollar Exchange Rate (I:EURUSD)

Ans: The exchange rate between the euro and the US dollar is currently at 1.090, up from 1.088 the previous trading day and from 1.018 a year ago. The change from the previous trading day is 0.18%, while the change from a year ago is 7.09%.

Regularly Asked Question:

Question: Why is the euro strong again?

Ans: The EUR/USD pair has been rising in recent months as the euro continues to benefit from improved sentiment in the eurozone and expectations of a slowing US Federal Reserve rate hike cycle.

Question: Is the euro weakening against the dollar?

Ans: The euro is currently down 8.80% on the year against the dollar. With one month left in 2022 and a reduced likelihood of further hawkish ECB intervention until 2023, it’s highly unlikely euro losses will be meaningfully recouped.

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